Organise Your Life Using The Bullet Journal Method

In this live class I'll teach you my simple method for organising your life using a Bullet Journal. 

Over the past 4 years of using a Bullet Journal, I've grown to love it because it:

  • Is small, portable & screen-less. 
  • Reduces overwhelm & stress
  • Helps to creates order and calm a scattered brain
  • Can be customised & allows flexibility which is difficult in a traditional diary
  • Helps to remember important tasks and events, as well as keep track of projects & planning
  • Can be creative, elaborate or simple

Here's what you'll learn in this class:
>> Introduction to Bullet Journalling
>> Set up your Bullet Journal
>> Create a layout that works for you
>> How to use your Bullet Journal

The class is perfect for anyone working from home, students, mums, creative types & minimalists.